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Zo Haal Je Het Beste Uit Je Massage

How do you ensure that the Thai massage is the best experience for your body and that you would like to receive one again? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your massage.

Be prepared for the massage

Do not eat just before a massage session. It is important that your body has a chance to digest the meal. Try to arrive on time to avoid rush and stress, otherwise it will take you longer to relax.

Discuss your needs and health with the massage therapist

Tell the massage therapist your expectations and reasons for the massage. Talk about your general health, physical condition, stress levels, and sensitive areas. For the massage therapist it is important information as it can influence the massage. It also assists the massage therapist in scheduling the session and advising which massage is best suited. Don’t forget to mention allergies to oils, lotions or powders. The therapist can use oil or lotion during the massage. If you are allergic, the massage therapist can opt for no or a replacement Product.

During the massage

Do not forget to breathe normally and regularly, as this promotes relaxation. Notice where you may (unconsciously) limit your breathing. This can indicate a tender area or a tense feeling in a particular spot. Relax your muscles and your mind. It is counterProductive to tighten or harden your muscles during the massage. Let your massage therapist know when you feel your muscles. The massage therapist may be able to adjust the pressure or massage technique to help relax that specific area. If you keep thinking about work or problems during the massage, try focusing on the massage therapist’s hands and movements. This helps with resting mind and feeling more body oriented.

Communicate your preferences

Tell your massage therapist if you prefer not to listen to music during your massage session, whether you prefer to talk or not to talk, and what pressure you prefer. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you should tell the massage therapist.

After the massage

Stay calm after the massage and don’t get up too quickly. If you feel dizzy after the massage, lie down a little longer. It usually takes a while for your body to integrate and absorb the results of the massage session. Drink extra water after the massage, as this helps the beneficial effect of the massage. Several massage sessions at regular intervals provide the most benefitsexemestane usalong-term. The therapeutic effects of massage ensure that the more often you receive a massage, the better you feel and the faster your body responds in a positive way. This stimulates relaxation and interrupts chronic stress patterns in the body. More than one session is often necessary, especially if you are dealing with chronic muscle tension or tissue injury recovery.

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