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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy

A regular Thai massage helps to reduce stress and also has a lot of other advantages and benefits. The top 5 health benefits of a Thai massage.

1 – Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Thai massage helps to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Many people experience stress and anxiety in daily life due to a tight schedule and long working days. Besides providing a much needed break and resting period from the busy schedule, Thai massage also helps to lower the cortisole level in your body, also called the stress hormone. The massage stimulates relaxation of the muscles that helps to relax your mind and body.

2 – Improve your blood circulation

Thai massage increases the circulation of blood in your body. Through an increased circulation, there are less chances of blood clotting in the arteries. More oxygen is brought to the brain, lowering the occurance of migraine and headache. Improved blood circulation makes you feel refreshed, helps to think clear and with renewed energy.

3 – Center your mind and body

The soothing, calm room environment and the slow movements of the Thai massage allows your body and mind to slow down from a fast-paced environment. In centering oneself and bringing mind and body in touch with eachother, the reaction to stressors is lowered. When both mind and body listen to each other it lowers the occurance of health problems and results in early notice of any upcoming problems.

4 – Improve the movement of your body

Loosening and strechting of muscles enhances your flexibility allowing for a greater range of motion. A greater range of motion and flexibility reduces muscle stress and strain and also helps to prevent injuries and accidents.

5 – Strength your immune system

Improved blood circulation helps the body to remove toxins and unwanted substances. It also promotes the production of several hormones in your body that help to maintain the body immune system. By boosting immune cell response a regular Thai massage helps your body resist flu, cold and bacterial or viral disease.

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