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How Does A Thai Massage Reduce Stress?

Thai massage has many benefits. One of them is the reduction and lowering of stress. There are several ways in which a Thai massage can lower stress levels and help you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

RELAXING TENSE MUSCLES – When sitting or moving in one or similar positions the majority of the day, our muscles are subject to unnatural strain. In the long run, this can cause substantial tension in the muscles and an increase in the existing levels of stress. The heat generated by the Thai massage, the motions and stretching helps to relax the muscles which in turn helps to manage stress levels. It also cleanses the muscles of lactic acid that has gotten build up in the muscles.

DEEPER SLEEP – The deeper level of relaxation achieved by the Thai massage improves a person’s emotional status and promotes a deeper, healthy night’s sleep as well. A deeper sleep is beneficial to the body and allows it to heal and recover from stress and injury. It also makes you feel more refreshed upon awakening and improves your ability to deal with stress. The relaxation of the body during and after the massage improves the blood circulation. It also releases the melatonin hormone that is responsible for regulating and improving the quality of sleep.

CALM ENVIRONMENT In a busy, loud environment it can sometimes be hard to relax and take a deep breath. Thai massage is done in a calm and relaxing environment that stimulates relaxation of mind and body. Especially in high-paced, pressurized work and life environments, a moment of slowing down, relaxing and being surrounded by a calm environment greatly helps to reduce stress levels.

IMPROVED BREATHING – When the back and other muscles are tense and compressed, it invites bad posture. Not only the back suffers from this, but it can also cause the body to lean forward slightly and result in a compression of the chest cavity and the lungs. Reduced lung capacity results in a short and shallow breath, increasing the stress in the body and lowering oxygen levels. Thai massage is very effective for improving posture and spinal realignment. By strengthening and relaxing tense, compressed muscles, the chest cavity is opened up en the lungs are able to expand more. With a greater lung capacity, more oxygen can be stored in the body and absorbed into the blood. The result is deeper and longer breaths that reduces stress.

HUMAN TOUCH – We all have a natural instinct for a human touch. The touch of another human affects us positively and automatically soothes us and reduces our blood pressure. Other benefits of human touch such as improved circulation and relaxation of the mind work together to lower stress levels.

RELEASE OF SEROTONINS – Thai massage causes the body to release various hormones like serotonins. Serotonins are always present in our body and regulate happiness, anxiety and mood levels. A lower level of serotonins are often the cause of increased anxiety and depression. When the serotonin levels rise as the result of the massage therapy, it in turns reduces anxiety and depression, which are two main causes of stress.

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