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60 min – €70 | 90 min – €95 | 120 min – €130

This type of massage, also called Yoga Massage, revitalizes and refreshes the body. Experience a deep relaxation and release all tiredness and stress from your muscles until you are free of tension. The ‘Sen’ energy lines will be stimulated via the thumbs and palms of the hands which enables the blocked energy to flow back. Stiff joints and muscles will be stretched. This treatment is very suitable for persons with complaints like tiredness, back and neck pain, headache, stiff muscles and joints and a limited blood circulation. Thai Yoga Massage is a unique way to regain your fitness and vitality.

60 min – €70

A firm massage that works and loosens the muscles in the neck, back, and shoulder belt. Especially recommended for persons with a busy lifestyle who want to experience a quick release of stress and tension. Often people experience tension in the neck, back and between the shoulder blades. The massage locates the blockages and concentrates on relieving muscle tension, which causes reduced levels of stress and improves the blood flow and circulation.

60 MIN – €70 | 90 MIN – €95

A soft enjoyable massage that allows you to escape the daily stress. This treatment uses essentials oils and other aromatic compounds which have a healing effect on the skin. Painful muscles nodes are massaged away through kneading and pressing. This massage improves the blood circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body. It is recommended for anyone who would like to have a relaxing wellness experience.

60 min – €70

Thai Foot Massage is a refreshing treatment of the feet and bottom legs. It has been strongly influenced by the ancient art of Chinese foot reflexology. This treatment is especially recommended for persons with complaints like migraines, tiredness, stress, mental stress, headache, and lethargy. It is also very beneficial for persons who stand or walk on their feet all day. The Thai version of the ancient art of reflexology uses pressure points on the soles of the foot to stimulate other parts of the body, such as the organs, muscles, bones and tissues. These pressure points improve the natural healing process, improves the circulation of energy and leaves you with a relaxation and feeling of well-being throughout the whole body.

60 min – €75 | 90 min – €100

Osteothai is the meeting of traditional Thai massage and osteopathy, a bridge between East and West. It combines the extraordinary feeling of Thai techniques with the precision, the rigor and the softness of the osteopathic touch. Osteothai is practiced on the floor. The practitioner uses not only his hands, but also his feet, his knees, his elbows, which opens rich and colorful perspectives.

Osteothai is a form of manual therapy and is recommended for people with stiff joints, hip arthrosis, lumbar degeneration, disc arthrosis etc. It will improve flexibility and release compressed joints.

For an Osteothai appointment please call for an appointment with Mae. Phone: 0478/44.81.00

60 min – €70

A soft relaxing massage with oil for Mums-to-be that would like to actively aid relaxation and reduce pregnancy discomfort. The massage is carried out with Thai pressing techniques while lying comfortably on the side. It relieves back and joint pain, pelvic complaints, stiff legs and aids a better night’s sleep and improved blood circulation. A blissful hour of personal time for a relaxed Mum-to-be.

60 min – €70

Herbal compresses have been used for centuries in Thailand as part of the traditional massage. A mix of relaxing, cleaning and activating Thai herbs such as coriander, lavender and fresh ginger are bound in a linen cloth. The herbal compress will be steam-heated and applied to the body. The healing effect of the herbs and the heat of the herbal compress will loosen the muscles and increase blood flow and circulation. Thai herbal therapy also aids to relief pain, inflammation and tension.

60 MIN – €65 PP | 90 MIN – €90 PP | 120 MIN – €125 PP

Relax together with a traditional Thai massage treatment for two of either 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length. You can enjoy the benefits of a healing treatment together in the company of your partner or friend. Massages are tailored to you and your loved one’s individual needs. Drift off and forget the stress of daily life.

60 MIN – €65 PP | 90 MIN – €90 PP

Relax together with an aromatherapy oil massage treatment for two of either 60 or 90 minutes in length. This treatment is a soft enjoyable massage that uses essential oils for a calming and healing effect on the skin. You can enjoy the relaxing wellness experience of the aroma oil massage treatment together in the company of your partner or friend. Massages are tailored to you and your loved one’s individual needs. Drift off and forget the stress of daily life.

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